Samsung WB1100, 16 MP

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Samsung WB1100, 16 MP
Samsung WB1100, 16 MPSamsung WB1100, 16 MPSamsung WB1100, 16 MP
Capture Brilliance from Any Distance with Samsung WB1100F-
From up close or far away, create brilliant images with a 35x optical zoom, 22.3mm ultra wide-angle lens, and Dual Image Stabilization (OIS+DIS). Whether you’re shooting a vast expanse of green space or a sprawling cityscape, get more from your lens. By using the precision-cut 22.3mm ultra wide-angle lens, you can instantly cover a whole-horizon field of view. Capture memories of landmarks and landscapes in full scale with no need to step back and frame your shot.

Manufacturer: Samsung

Price:  $299.00 $199.00

Product added on: 10/19/14

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